Come as you are and feel at home!

So good! I want to stay here. Do we really have to go home now?! I'll take one last one, thanks!

That's how it should feel. We have restaurants, deli, bakery, cafe, hotel and hostel in Kiruna. And two cozy hotels in Luleå. And catering for the whole of Norrbotten. Regardless of where or what you eat, drink, experience or live, it should always feel Spill. Come as you are and feel at home, laugh too loud and stay too long. Sleep tight! Don't stop when it's the most fun, taste something new, take one last and let one spill over into the other. Welcome to us.

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Hjalmars homestead

Kiruna Restaurang

Spill Saluhall & Eatery

Kiruna Restaurang


Luleå Hotell


Luleå Hotell

Spis Hotel & Hostel

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